Engineering and Automation Problems, volume 4, 2018






А.М. Vilinov, R.N. Vilinova, V.V. Egorov
Socio-economic analysis of the innovative sphere of Russia: the problem frames


R.O. Sirotkin, A.P. Shalaev
The advancing standardization and its role as one of industry development drivers


I.Z. Aronov, A.M. Rybakova, V.Yu. Salamatov
Brief analysis of conformity assessment systems for machine-building production of the Asian region countries


E.A. Skornyakova, S.A. Babaev
Problems of prompt management decision making due to diviations in production planning process of high-ptoductivity plant


O.A. Troitskiy, R.N. Zhurikov, S.M. Biryukov, N.N. Novikova, R.A. Kur’yakov
Electronic mechnisms of the electroplastic effect


E.V. Didenko, V.A. Glasunov, G.S. Filippov
The kinematic analysis of the flat mechanism of parallel sruktura with one degree of freedom


Ya.R. Abdullaev, О.О. Kerimzade, G.S. Kerimzade, G.V. Mamedova, N.M. Pirieva
Automation of stabilization of power of tension wires of small categories in the process of cutting


Ivan Šarenac
Mathematical methods as the basis of cryptography


B.Yа. Mokritskiy, E.S. Sitamov, E.B. Mokritskaya
A comparative study of the efficiency of carbide cutting tool when machining parts made of stainless steel


L.A. Kondratenko, L.I. Mironova
Mathematical model of the process of processing a considerable quantity of apertures on CNC machines


E.I. Starovoytov, Yu.V. Zakharсhuk
Bending of circular sandwich plates with a lightweight compressible filler


D.V. Leonenko
Resonance oscillations of elastic circular three-layer plates strapped with Pasternak’s base


V.A. Sednev, S.L. Kopnyshev
The model of spherical cavity expansion in the elastoplastic environment with its hardening


A.V. Egorov
Finite-element analysis of a column strut




Yu.G. Dragunov, E.L. Romadova, B.A. Gabaraev, M.S. Belyakov, D.S. Derbenev
Recommendations on calculation of transport coefficients and thermodynamic properties of helium–xenon gas mixtures


O.V. Goryunov, S.V. Slovtsov
Approximation of the hydroelastic interaction of the piplines with the coolant at small deformations


A.M. Smirnov, M.Yu. Khizhov, V.I. Leksikov
Estimation of quality of heat exchange pipes with external ribs for the separator-superheater




A.M. Shitov, I.M. Kondrat’ev
Diagnostics and residual life prediction for of machine tools


I.S. Belashova, V.G. Dmitriev, D.V. Bologov
The laser hardening treatment of the metalorganic chromium coats by the dispersional nano-phases


M.S. Denisov, V.F. Korostelev
Automation of the process of formation of graduates seen in the conditions of halogen pressure on the crystallizing metal




V.A. Lisichkin, E.V. Kalinkin
On the mechanism of support for russian enterprises that fell under the sanctions restrictions of The United States And The European Union


Days of Budapest in Moscow