Engineering and Automation Problems, volume 2, 2018






B.I. Volostnov, V.V. Polyakov, R.O. Sirotkin
Problems and main directions for reforming the national standardization and technical regulation system


A.V. Berezin, V.Yu. Zhirkevich
The analysis of the most known methods of simulation of movements in virtual reality and rationale of one of the most suitable variants


D. Brancovic, Z.N. Milovanovic
Analysis of application of technical diagnostic measures to optimize the operational readiness of paper machine production system


Zh.A. Dayev, N.Z. Sultanov
Implementation of fuzzy automatic control systems on languages of IEC 66131-3 for gas transport enterprises


L.A. Kondratenko, L.I. Mironova, V.M. Terekhov
Loss of stability of the drives of rotation with long steel force lines


L.N. Kraynova, A.I. Munitsin, M.A. Munitsina
Oscillations of a cylinder with displaced center of gravity on a rigid base


F.G. Nakhatakyan, D.F. Nakhatakyan
Distribution of contact load along cylinders at the transition


A.A. Loktev, A.V. Sycheva, E.V. Zapol’nova, V.P. Sychev, V.G. Dmitriev
Method of assessing the vibrations of the top structure of railways rolling stock, based on the model of a transversely isotropic plate resting on the strained foundation, two sides of which are pivotally supported and the other two are rigidly fixed


V.I. Bogdanovich, M.G. Giorbelidze
Mathematical modelling of the powder material particles plastic transformation in plasma coatings applycation


E.I. Starovoytov, D.V. Leonenko
The deformation of the elastic circular three-layer plates


V.A. Sednev, S.L. Kopnyshev
The model of structural materials and soils behavior under the impact of dynamic loads


V.P. Chervinsky
The dissipative function of coulomb friction on the elliptical contact area in the case of uneven pressure distribution


D.V. Kurtts
Theoretical study of the nonlinear suspension characteristics of operator’s seat of speed-tracked transport vehicles


V.M. Churkin, T.Yu. Churkina
Mathematical model of rotor deployment of sunny sail flywheel of the space apparatus


V.O. Solov’ev, I.M. Shvedov
Application of explosive reactive complex in the method of dynamic protection of earth against collisions with asteroids


Vishal Gupta, Raman Deep
Fixed point result employing Ω-distance and rational type contractive condition in generalized ordered metric spaces


Vishal Gupta, Manu Verma
Fixed point theorems in fuzzy metric spaces with respect to altering distance


Abhisha Garg, Deepak Chander Pandey
Indian sign language alphabet recognition using curvelet transform


Prateek Bhardwaj, Kunal Lal, Nitin Mishra
Annual precipitation trend analysis using M-K test for higher altitude districts of Uttarakhand




O.V. Goryunov
Calculation defect evolution of a pipeline with under pressure pulsations




Ya.D. Vishnyakov, S.P. Kiseleva, E.V. Semiletova
Assessment of the effectiveness of the mechanism of environmentally-oriented technological development




Glasunov Viktor Arkad’evich (60 years since birth)


Scientific and technical conferences