Engineering and Automation Problems, volume 4, 2017






B.I. Volostnov
The high-tech industry and production: criteria, characteristics and conditions of development


S.V. Levin, L.V. Gavrilina, N.N. Novikova, G.V. Rashoyan, V.F. Yudkin
Development of parallel structure mechanisms to work in aggressive environment (on earth, in space, under water)


S.L. Samsonovich, K.L. Kovalev, V.S. Stepanov, N.V. Krylov, I.V. Furs
About development of multipliers gear based on wave gear with rolling elements for a high power wind power station


I.V. Glinski, M.A. Zaytsev, A.YU. Kachanov, A.M. Popov, R.V. Trofimov
The analysis of approaches to the recognition of objects (targets) in the current robotic systems using artificial neural networks


A.A. Loktev, V.P. Sychev, D. A. Loktev, V.G. Dmitriev
Automated system for identifying defects in wheels of the rolling stock on the basis of assessment of shock nonaxisymmetric impact of wheels on rail when modeling the track structure with orthotropic plate


E.A. Antonov, I.V. Merkur’ev, G.V. Pankrat’eva, V.V. Podalkov
Influence of nonlinear rigidity of elastic elements on the dynamics of a dual-mass micromechanical gyroscope of L-L type


O.M. Ogorodnikova, V.N. Vlasov
Designing mechatronic systems in the clouds and project management using SIEMENS TEAMCENTER environment


F.G. Nakhatakyan
Loading of roller bearing at presence of clearance


A.A. Alifov
About calculation of oscillatory systems with limited excitement by methods of direct linearization


O.I. Kosarev, N.M. Ostapishin, A.K. Pusakina
Sound pressure in the far field generated by an oscillating finite cylindrical shell


S.B. Makarov, N.V. Pankova, M.D. Perminov, S.N. Tropkin
Model task about application of multi-frequency dynamic absorber (MFDA) to an object that has mode shapes of different types


G.M. Zhuravlev, N.S. Kurien
A problem of mathematical modeling of explosion resistance and guaranteed plate fracture from explosive load


A.V. Berezin, V.Yu. Zhirkevich
Modeling of deformation of road pavements with physically nonlinear layers


Soumya Tiwari, Sumit Pundir, Anshika Bhalla
A brief study on geolocation and its approaches


Amit Tomar, Rajan Arora, V.P. Singh
Numerical simulation of wbk shallow water equations




O.V. Goryunov, S.V. Slovtsov
Specificity of spectrum density vibrodisplacement pipelines of NPP




L.V. Gavrilina, M.A. Pecheykina, D.L. Rakov, R.Yu. Sukhorukov
Structural synthesis and analysis in the development of innovative technological processes on the advanced morphological approach


N.N. Svetushkov
Possibilites of scalable technology in additive FDM-printing




Ya.D. Vishnyakov, S.P. Kiseleva, V.A. Mar’ev, E.A. Demicheva
Strategic course of the russian federation on industrial waste and secondary resourses recycling, ecotechnoparks - basis of industry


A.S. Karpovich
Automation of tool provision in an aviation enterprise