Engineering and Automation Problems, volume 1, 2017




Welcome address of R.F. Ganiev


A.M. Kostin
International journal «Engineering & automation problems»: the history of development




O.S. Sirotkin, B.I. Volostnov, V.V. Polyakov
Urgent problems of innovative technology development of Russia


A.V. Kapitanov
Regularities and prospects of development of flexible multiproduct manufacturing


B.D. Khristoforov
The influence of pulses of natural and technogenic action on the work of air-breathing engines


P.Yu. Belov, A.M. Popov, V.N. Ruzheynikov, V.I. Filatov
Modelling of organization processes of technical condition assessment of means of communication and the automated control facilities of robotic systems


D. Gocheva
Ontology-based system for modelling of thermal processes and aggregates


R.M. Aleev, V.M. Borodin, I.O. Spiridonov, M.A. Chizhikov
Mathematical model design and research of four-axle stabilized platform with optoelectronic payload


Yu.V. Bogdanova, A.M. Gus’kov, V.B. Esov, K.O. Klimochkin
Synergetic controller application to control the spindle on magnetic bearings


D.L. Rakov, R.Yu. Sukhorukov, L.V. Gavrilina
Analysis and selection of processes and control systems for the efficient synthesis of microarc coatings


E.I. Starovoytov, D.V. Leonenko, M.A. Zhuravkov
Deformation of the elastic three-layer rod with compressible filler in the thermal field


V.O. Solov’ev, I.M. Shvedov
The rationale for the use of portable explosive reactive complexes for crushing the oversize rocks


V.M. Byrdin, A.K. Puzakina
To the theory of backward-waves transfer. Monochromatic images (backward-waves iconics; beam, short-wave aspect)


Nalini Singh, Parvesh Saini, Rajesh Kumar
Control methodologies for continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) – a brief review




N.A. Makhutov, S.V. Evropin, A.O. Chernyavskiy, O.F. Chernyavskiy
Analysis of stress-strain and limit states of structures under repeated non-isothermal loading the advanced technologies in mechanical engineering


R.O. Sirotkin, N.I. Baydakova, N.A. Romanchenko
Priorities and vectors of quality assurance development in production and technological space in 2020-2040


A.M. Shitov, I.M. Kondrat’ev
Development and usage of the integrated diagnostic methods for machinery


L.A. Kondratenko, V.M. Terekhov, L.I. Mironova
About one method of research of torsional vibrations of the core and its application in technologies of mechanical engineering




Ganiev Rivner Fazylovich (85 years since birth)


Ivanov Sergey Dmitrievich (85 years since birth)


20th DQM International Conference on Dependability and Quality Management


Preobrazhenskiy Igor’ Nikolaevich (1939–2016)