Заголовок статьи«Обеспечение надёжности механических систем крупногабаритных солнечных батарей космических аппаратов при наземной экспериментальной отработке»
АвторыС.А. Захаров
АннотацияРазработаны методики экспериментальных исследований с натурными и численными испытаниями, позволяющие подтверждать работоспособность и надежность всех составных частей конструкций крупногабаритных батарей солнечных.
Ключевые словасолнечная батарея, панель, шарнирный узел, экспериментальная отработка, стенд обезвешивающий, вероятность, надежность, космический аппарат
Выпуск«Проблемы машиностроения и автоматизации» №4 за 2016 год


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Захаров Сергей Александрович — руководитель проекта АО « “Информационные спутниковые системы” имени академика М.Ф. Решетнёва»,
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Article title«Reliability assurance for mechanical systems of large solar arrays at ground experimental testing phase»
AuthorsS.A. Zakharov
AbstractConstantly increasing power consumption required for service and payload modules equipment of satellites of different applications necessitate to implement on them SolarArrays (SA) of up to 100 square meters and more. SA Mechanical System (SAMS) is used to support SA cells in stowed configuration and to transfer them into the deployed configuration in orbit. SA MS are one-shot systems and there are no life-critical items within them. Robustness and reliability requirements for SA drive mechanism are specified considering the loads applied at manufacturing phase, satellite launch phase and SAMS deployment for operation in-orbit. During design phase of large SA structures it is necessary to ensure maximum required strength hand reliability of all MS drive mechanisms while keeping their masses and dimensions as minimal as possible. Satellite MS mechanisms are involved in different phases of ground experimental testing and are subjected to test loads, and then, their main function, i.e. transfer of all items of SA MS from stowed to deployed configuration and secure lock in this position, is checked. The outputs obtained during testing of different MS installed on the testing facilities are the inputs used for definition of loads applied to SA items, sub-assemblies and drives. These results shall also include the effect of the testing facilities items during MS testing. Definite behavior of deployable structure items is found on the basis of SA drive mechanisms. Analytical models with simulation of spring drives and synchronization system parameters. Numerical analysis performed for deploy able structure items motion gives maximum loads in hinge joints arising during SA structure deployment.
Keywordssolar arrays, SA panel, hinge joint, experimental testing phase, off-loading facility, probability, reliability, spacecraft


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Zakharov Sergey Aleksandrovich — Head of Management, Joint-Stock Company «Information Satellite Systems» named after M.F. Reshetnev»,
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