Engineering and Automation Problems, volume 3, 2016






A.V. Berezin, M.R. Abdullin, O.A. Del’birdieva, M.I. Alekseychik
Application of carbon fiber composite materials in airframe components of civil aircrafts PSC «Tupolev»


I.S. Omel’chenko, D.A. Boytsov
Algorithms of modern automatic control systems of liquid rocket engines


R.O. Sirotkin, N.I. Baydakova, V.V. Polyakov, N.A. Romanchenko
Knowledge management features in high-tech corporation


O.N. Krakhmalev, D.I. Petreshin, O.N. Fedonin
Mathematical models for control systems of the industrial robots and the multi-axis machine tools for correction of influence of geometrical deviations on their motion


O.M. Ogorodnikova, I.M. Pronichev
On the experience of designing robotic systems for nondestructive testing


V.L. Afonin, A.Yu. Lobach, M.N. Milen’kiy, D.O. Rokachevskiy
Two-channel manipulation system


L.K. Kiyko, M.N. Kirsanov
Analytical calculation of the lift of the parallelogram type with an arbitrary number of sections


G.S. Zhartovskiy, D.V. Kurtts
The calculation of the forces acting on hull of the speedtracked vehicle at their rolling on a microprofile of treadmill caterpillar


V.F. Filaretov, D.A. Yukhimets, A.V. Zuev, A.S. Gubankov, E.Sh. Mursalimov
The method of development of combination of three-dimensional models of processed details with their CAD-models at the presence of deformations


E.A. Antonov, I.V. Merkur’ev, V.V. Podalkov, E.S. Sbytova
Influence of nonlinear deformations on dynamics of micromechanical gyroscope of L-L type in a mode of the compelled oscillations


A.A. Alifov
Calculation of the mixed oscillations by methods of direct linearization


O.B. Balakshin, B.G. Kukharenko
Partition of frequency and impact components of oscillation records during turbocompressor blade flutter analysis


I.V. Viktorova, S.I. Alekseeva, M. Fleck, M. Kose
The mathematical implications of hand-arm vibration syndrome


I.N. Molodtsov, D.O. Babaeva
Some problems of verification of plastic-elastic complex loading processes


L.A. Kondratenko, L.I. Mironova
To the question of hardening of material of milling connections in heat exchange devices


A.V. Krylov
The intellectual system of electronic sealing during the cargo transportation in railroad cars, containers, waggons and other types of vehicles


V.V. Egorov, R.V. Len’kov
Models of corporate social responsibility: national features of social partnership




G.Zh. Sakhvadze, G.Zh. Bulekbaeva, O.G. Kikvidze
Application features of two-sided laser shock processing technology for thin structures




Aleksandr Vasil’evich Berezin (70 years since birth)


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