1. The journal publishes only actual unpublished articles (reviews, articles and short communications) containing new results of scientific and practical researches.  The paper should be designed in accordance with the current system of state standards and the editor’s requirements placed lower. The author responds that the presented manuscripts don’t contain the state secret or the trade secret.

2. The manuscript should be submitted to the journal “ENGINEERING & AUTOMATION PROBLEMS” according to the consideration Procedure and reviewing of the scientific papers.

3. When the author submits the manuscript in print and electronic versions, he transfers copyright of the paper to the Journal (including information about the author), and also to its reproduction on websites of Journal and its partners and distribution through other organizations and computer networks without restrictions.

4. Materials for publication in the journal may be submitted in English or Russian languages. The editor has a right to reduce and edit the manuscripts.

5. Articles (reviews) are published free of charge; the author’s honorarium is not provided. 




6. A page should be A4 format with all margins = 2 cm and portrait orientation. Manuscript text should be typed in one column with Microsoft Word. The text font should be Times New Roman without manual or automatic hyphens, a type size =12. Line spacing should be single. Text should be with left alignment without headlines and indentions. 

7. Difficult symbols and repetitions, the superfluous details, generality, big tables and lengthy formulas should be avoided in the text of the manuscript.

8. The manuscript can contain necessary formulas, tables and images. 

Author's design of tables is ignored.

9. Author should use MS Word for typing formulas and variables using fonts Symbol, GrekMathSymbols. If the formula is larger than 70 mm, it should be simplified or split into several lines.

It is advisable not to use multilevel indexes when the upper or inferior indexes has own upper or inferior. In any case both upper and inferior indexes can not have more than one index (upper or inferior).

Please don’t use MS Equation editor for decoding formulas or for typing elements of formulas and variables in the main text. As an exception when interpreting formulas author may use small fragments of formulas created with editor MS Equation in the paragraph text. In this case such fragments should be allocated by any well marked background color of low density, for example: light grey, pale yellow, etc.

10. In the manuscript the figures should be placed in numerical order and must have resolutions of at least 300 dpi in a black-and-white contrast. The images should be presented in several files in standard formats (tif, eps, jpeg, … ). They must be easy to read and of good quality. The figures may have only necessary signs; explanatories should be in the figure captions.

11. In the submitted text the author should use only standard abbreviations; names should be provided in the original writting. It is necessary to decrypt the abbreviations. Dimension of physical units should correspond to the International System of units SI.

The article must have references to tables, figures and cited publications.




12. The organization of the paper: UDC, title, author(s), abstract and keywords, article text with figures and tables, reference list of cited publications, information about the author(s) on the original language; in translation: title, author(s), abstract and keywords, reference list of cited publications, data of author(s).

13. The recommended volume (no more) publications for magazine: the review - 20-24 p., article - 10-12 p., the short communications - 3-5 pages of the text with density of 1800-2000 signs/p.

14. Authors should submit several electronic files: article text, the title with the abstract and keywords (on language of article and in translation), images in a standard format (not in Word) and information about the author(s) (surname, name, patronymic completely; scientific steppe and a rank, a post and official name of the organization on language of article and in translation; office phone and electronic address).