Engineering and Automation Problems. Special issue 2010





R.F. Ganiev., O.B. Balakshin, B.G. Kukharenko
Self-organization of rotating stall and rotor blade flutter in a high performance turbo compressor


A.M. Tsaryev, I.A. Samartsev
The general states of mechatronic recomponatable and reconfigurable manufacturing systems creation with usage of automatically chageable modular units


Georgi Popov, Idilia Batchkova, Grigor Stambolov, Hristo Karamishev, Totiu Geshev
IEC 61499 based motion control scenarios of cutting operations for reconfigurable manufacturing systems


A.A. Alifov
About some questions of physics from positions of the uniform theory of the matter


Vladimir Nikolic, Aleksandra Nastasic
Organizational culture as significant factor in implementation of TQM - experience in serbian economy


V.V. Egorov , G.O. Kovalenko
The peculiarities of work in the intellectual sphere


A.V. Barvinok, P.M. Popov, F.E. Lyashko
Method for assessing the economic efficiency of developments with the use of the index of the technical and economic level from the implementation of plane elements tests automation systems


Ramin Gholizadeh , Aliakbar Mastani Shirazi
Classical and bayesian estimation on the burr type XII distribution using censored data


A.N. Antamoshkin, I.S. Masich
Combinatorial optimization and rule search in logical algorithms of machine learning


Igor Kovalev, Margarita Karaseva, Tat’yana Rukavitsyna
Extension of a model in the dea methodology


S.B. Singh, Mangey Ram, S. Chaube
Reliability analysis for a repairable parallel system with time varying failure rates with two repairmen


P.M. Popov, F.E. Lyashko
Methods for organizing control programs design for equipment with programmed numerical control (PNC) machining on the basis of graph-analytic models


Hedi Yangui, Chafik Karra, Bacem Zghal, Mohamed Haddar, Gael Chevallier, Alain Riviere
Reducing modal sub-structure for the prediction of the dynamic response of the machine-tool part system in milling


W.L. Afonin, Е.I. Sakharova
Image comparision using the eigenvalues of wavelet transform coefficient matrix


O. Verezub, A. Fedorov, A. Tarasyuk, N. Verezub
Mechanics of fibre-reinforced plastic machining


SidAli Fellag
Trasient studies of electrical shaft system


S.D. Ivanov, G.N. Chernyshev, I.I. Fedik
Movement of model at elastic interaction with the electromagnetic field of space environment


E. I. Starovoitov, D. V. Leonenko
Free and resonant vibrations of circular three- layer plate


Dawid Myszka, Jan Senatorski
The determination of md temperature in ausferritic ductile iron




Zh.M. Blednova, N.A. Makhutov, R.A. Pochinkov, P.O. Rusinov
FEM based methodology for stress state analysis of the propeller blade plated with nickel-titanium SMA




In the interests of machine building and high technologies development


National technological chamber