Engineering and Automation Problems. Special issue 2006



To 75 from birthday of Academician Miomir Vukobratovic




Miomir K. Vukobratovic, Aleksandar D. Rodic
Control of biped locomotion mechanisms in service tasks requiring appropriate trunk postures


Mirjana Filipovic and Miomir Vukobratovic
Contribution to modeling of elastic robotic systems


Dean A. Carlson
Fields of extremals and sufficient conditions for a class of variational games


C. Ispas, C. Mohora, M. Zapciu, D. Anania
The virtual environment benefits in a modern center from University Politechnica of Bucharest


Alexander Antamoshkin, Igor Masich
Heuristic search algorithms for monotone pseudo-boolean function conditional optimization


I.V. Kovalev, M.Ju. Slobodin, R.Ju. Tsarev
Multi-version design of fault-tolerant software in control systems


E.B. Zavoichinskaya, B.I. Zavoichinskii
Estimation of structure durability using the state diagnostic and safety requirements


V.L. Zakovorotny, A.A. Samosudov
The problems of managing the evolution of the dynamic system, interacting with the environment


Roman Chumakov
Intellectual methods of thread-forming fasteners geometry development


Genady P. Cherepanov
Equistrong tower


V. Serban, C. Mohora, D. Anania, B. Lungu
New supports for vibration & seismic motion protection of machines and equipment


A. Berezin, A. Vishnjakov, V. Zhirkevich, B. Nesterenko, G. Nesterenko
The simulation of macrocrack turn in aluminium alloy 2024-T3


V. A. Menovschikov, S. P. Eresko
Structure influence and materials properties of mated surfaces on their density chanqe and compactibility degree


V.A. Kovtun, M. Mihovski, T.V. Semenova
Thermal state modeling of metal-polymer composite powder materials under the effect of ellectric current


Natalia D. Nikolova, Dimitar J. Dimitrakiev, Kiril I. Tenekedjiev
Semi-generalized lotteries of I type in the case of additive preferential independence applied for the selection of a domestic heating system


M.I. Alexeichick
On stationary stochastic and almost periodic processes




Jerzy Michalski, Jan Tacikowski, Piotr Wach
Attaining of equilibrium by the system after the introduction of a disturbance during the gas nitriding process


Ewa Kasprzycka
Diffusion carbide layers produced on tool steel surface in vacuum chromizing process